February 17, 2009



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February 07, 2009

Car wash

I went to a car wash for the first time today. Candy (my car's name is Candy Apple) just had an anniversary last month :) So this is my small gift for her.

Candy has always been nice and dependable (yes, I smile at those "Ask your friend who has one" ads) but I didn't know how to wash her. So Candy got only the merciful God's car wash (rain!) for a year. Winter time here is hard on cars, as salt and chemical are used to keep the road less slippery. All the cars start to turn white as they get those salty splashes.

Today was a perfect day for car wash, as the temperature went above freezing. My landlord told me her scary story of going to a car wash on an icy cold day and getting sealed by think ice over all doors. Well, today wasn't that kind of day.

The place I went had both self-wash and machine wash, and I picked a machine as it was my first time. There was a long line, probably because it was warm and was a good day to wash. Waiting in a line I was clueless. I paid, and and was waiting, and the guy yelled at me saying I had to change the gear to Neutral and let go of the brake.

Candy with me inside went through the amusement park ride - it almost felt like a ride through the haunted house with many wet strips hitting the car. Instead, I tried to imagine Candy getting a nice warm shower and feeling refreshed.

Candy is now back to its original candy red! Hope the winter is over soon.....